Study Topics

Reaching Out To A Lost World
(Written by Earl Davis)

In Matt.28:18-20; Mark 16:15-18; Luke 24:46-48; John 14:12-14; John 20:21-23; and Acts 1:8 are listed the Great Commission and the Christian’s power of attorney.  We are to reach out to a lost world.  In John 21:15-17, Jesus told Peter, and was probably speaking collectively to us all, to “feed my sheep”.

To what sheep was Jesus referring?  Let’s check:

Psalms 119:176 – like a lost sheep
Jer.50:6 – lost sheep
Ezek.34:4 – seek the lost, have not yet
Matt.5:13 – salt without flavor
Matt.10:6 – lost sheep of the house of Israel
Matt.15:21-28 – lost sheep of the house of Israel, but the dogs (gentiles) get the crumbs
Matt.18:11-14 – to save that which is lost
Luke 19:10 – to seek and save the lost
2Cor.4:3-4 – Gospel is hid from the lost by the god of this world

We have come to know that the lost now does include gentiles, as well as the Jews.  And we know that the Good News is hidden from them.  Jesus has empowered His church to carry on this very vital work.  Jesus’ purpose in coming was twofold: (1) to break or destroy the power of the devil, and (2) to reconcile man to God the Father.  The first He accomplished when resurrected, and He has given us the power of attorney to enforce this.  So, it is up to the Church to carry on with the second purpose, with power.  Reaching out to the lost with the Good News is our purpose.

The problem is that we as Christians know those that are lost, but does the lost know they’re lost?  We have tried thumping them on their heads with our Bibles, waving our fingers in their faces, telling them they are going to hell.  But if they are not aware that they are lost, they won’t accept anything we have to say.

Through prayer and supplication for the lost, asking God to go before us to invoke the power of the Holy Spirit on our words, the lost can be saved by letting them know exactly what a lost position or feeling is.  Most people are different inside than they appear on the outside.  Our appeal is to the inner-man, letting them know what ‘lost’ is.

Let’s examine the word, ‘lost’:

to wander away; lose oneself; be undone; be void of; to be wretched; to be perishing; to be separated from; to depart from; to be ruined; to have a feeling of emptiness inside that no human or material thing can relieve, knowing that whatever is gained, whatever is obtained, the feeling of something missing persists even though you have the appearance of being very successful; that no matter what is tried, nothing works; a feeling of loneliness; of being alone; no one cares; nothing matters; all is hopeless; life has no meaning or value; why bother; to be depressed; to be rejected; everyone uses you; having to look up to see the bottom; no future; constantly sad or mad; feeling ugly, stupid, useless, of no value to anyone else; downtrodden; always walked on; everything tried fails; a failure; not good at anything; uselessness; can’t stand yourself, how can others possibly put up with you; not part of anything or anyone; can’t take it anymore; total confusion, frustration, misery.

This pretty well covers the world’s population.  Explain these things in love and offer them hope.  Do something for them, not to them.  Read them “The Necessary Atrocity” chapter from The Man and The God listed under Articles on this website.  Tell them what Jesus did for them and what He has made them in the eyes of God (see the scriptures listed in “…that Heaven is not our eternal home” under Come Out Into The Deep; read them “Walter and the Cross”.  Tell them about John 3:16-17 and Romans 10:9-13.  If they are ready, God will let you know, pray “The Prayer of New Beginning” with them. (All of these are contained within this website.)  Have printed copies of the prayer for them to sign and keep.  It will mean a lot to them.  Promote Jesus Christ to the world one person at a time.  Let God present the opportunity.

May the Lord richly bless you in His endeavors to reconcile man to God, the Father.


The Power of the Preached Word of God

In this study lesson, the power of hearing God’s word preached, combined with the actions of the Holy Spirit (Acts 10:44), proves God’s word in Romans, chapter 10, verse 17, “So then faith cometh by hearing, and hearing by the word of God.”

Peter’s Sermon in Acts 2:14-41

Theme: Salvation by faith

A.   Spoken to Jew and Gentiles alike (verse 14-16)

B.   Joel’s Prophesy (Joel 2:28-32)

1.   Beginning of fulfillment at that time (verse 17-18)

2.   Completion at Second Advent (verse 19-21)

C.   Jesus sent with God’s approval (verse 22)

D.   Crucifixion fulfilled God’s plan (verse 23)

E.   David’s Prophesy (Psalms 16:10; Psalm 110)

1.   Resurrection fulfilled prophesy (verse 24-32)

2.   Jesus’ work done, Holy Spirit’s work begins (verse 33-35)

F.   God made Jesus both Lord and Christ (verse 36)

G.   Sins forgiven through Christ (verse 37-38)

H.   Spirit baptism promised to all (verse 39)

I.   Peter testified and exhorted (verse 40)

Results: The word gladly received and about 3,000 saved! (verse 41)

Peter’s Sermon in Acts 3:12-4:4

Theme: Power in Jesus’ name for those who believe

A.   Miracle (Acts 3:6-8) proves deity and claims of Jesus (verse 12-13)

B.   Three sins of Israel (verse 14-15)

C.   Power of Jesus’ name (verse 16)

D.   Prophets Prophesies (Genesis 3:15; Psalms 22; Isaiah 53)

1.   Crucifixion fulfilled prophets prophesies (verse 17-18)

E.   Repentance and conversion from law to faith necessary (verse 19)

F.   Second Coming a subject of all the prophets (verse 20-21)

G.   First Coming predicted (Deuteronomy 18:15-19) by Moses (verse 22)

H.   All men have free choice between life and death (verse 23)

I.   Covenant with Abraham (Genesis 12:1-3)

1.   Predicted universal work of Christ (verse 25)

J.   Gospel offered to Jews first (verse 26)

K.   Sermon interrupted by man (Acts 4:1-3)

Results: Many believed and about 5,000 saved! (verse 4)

Peter’s Sermon in Acts 10:34-48

Theme: Salvation by faith, not the law

A.   God is no respecter of persons (verse 34-35)

B.   Word of God makes peace of mind and bodily healing available to all (verse 36-38)

C.   Four main points of the gospel of Jesus Christ (verse 39-41)

1.   Death

2.   Burial

3.   Resurrection

4.   Manifestation

D.   The Father makes Christ the judge of both the living and the dead (verse 42)

E.   Sins forgiven through Christ for all who believe (verse 43)

Results: Gentiles saved and baptized into the Holy Spirit before and without water

baptism (verse 44-48)

Paul’s Sermons in Acts 13:16-49

Theme: Salvation by faith

A.   Exodus from Egypt, settlement in Canaan (verse 16-19)

B.   Period of Judges and Reign of Saul (verse 20-21)

C.   Then David the King (verse 22)

D.   The Father’s promise of Jesus to be the seed of David (verse 23)

E.   Forerunner of Jesus, John the Baptist (verse 24-25)

F.   Prophets Prophesies (Isaiah 53; Psalms 22)

1.   Crucifixion fulfilled prophesy (verse 26-29)

G.   Resurrection witnesses (verse 30-32)

H.   David’s Prophesies (Psalms 2:7; Psalms 16:10)

1.   Resurrection confirmed by fulfilled prophesies (verse 33-37)

I.   Justification by faith, not the law (verse 38-39)

J.   Warning of rejecting Christ (verse 40-41)

Results: Many saved! Word of God spread! (verse 42-49)



As evidenced, salvation is a gift (Ephesians 2:8). There is nothing we, by human actions, can do to cause someone to get saved, or works we can perform to be saved. That is God’s job and responsibility. Our part is saying what the Word says. Then, under the anointing of the Holy Spirit, hearing becomes believing. Once believed, salvation is the result.

Don’t ever underestimate the power of the preached Word or the Anointing of the Holy Spirit.

May God richly bless you in His endeavors.